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WS 2017/2018

Lecture: Grundlagen der IT-Sicherheit

For: Bachelor students

Date: Every Wednesday, 8:00-10:00

Room: Astor Kino, Saal 2

Tutorial: Every Thursday, 8:00

About: Lecture for bachelor students that will give an introduction to computer security including cryptography basics, malware analysis and reverse engineering, network security, usable security and privacy and more.

Seminar: Human Factors in Cybersecurity

For: Master students

Date: Irregular (See slides)

About: Seminar for master students that covers human factors in cybersecurity. We will talk about current research, why some security mechanisms are totally unusable and what we can do about it.

SS 2017

Lecture (Block): Selected Topics in Computer Security

For: Master students

Date: Monday 17.07.17 - Friday 21.07.17, 09:00 - 19:00 (with break)

Room: 1101-F435 (Stahlbausaal, Welfengarten 1, 4th floor)